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I mentioned earlier this week that I would try to do a review on the entire trilogy, but I found it impossible to have all three read by this Friday.  As I write this article now on Tuesday, I know in balance with work and other things, I simply won’t have time to read and write about all three.  So I’ve decided since then to split all three of them up into separate reviews and sprinkle them in throughout August.

The first book in Suzanne Collins’s trilogy is The Hunger Games.  After coming so hot after A Song of Ice and Fire, I looked at the relatively small book and chuckled at it’s short length and large margins.  A quick read.  But it wasn’t because of the small number of pages or the size in between each line that made it quick to my surprise as I finished the book in about 5 or so hours.  The fast paced story and fascinating description of a dystopia had me turning the pages so quickly, that I would all of a sudden be a dozens of pages past of where I first started.  My breakdown of the story, the characters, and the style below.  Book spoilers below!


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