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So apparently we live in a close enough future where point a light at someone will cause them to puke.  Or where jetpacks might actually be considered as forms of travel.  It’s amazing how some movies can predict what the future might hold.  Who knows what young kids will watch in terms of futuristic movies and will later innovate.  One perfect example of a movie is Minority Report.  Every day we’re moving closer to their awesome touch screens and sound guns.   Check out this article about which tools from the movie are actual tools in real life.

Minority Report Predicts the Future [Literally]

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It is difficult to write this because Terra Nova showed so much promise.  And by so much promise, I meant there’s f*cking dinosaurs in it.  So I’ve finally caught up with Terra Nova this week, and instead of doing another Fall TV check up, I decided to write a warning obituary for a specific series.  In a season where TV can easily take over your life if you’re ambitious enough, you have to filter what you watch or instead you’ll also be watching your grades plummet.  So after giving Terra Nova a chance, I’ve become bored with it’s clunky dialogue, uninteresting side plots, and its general lack of DINOSAURS.


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