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Stumbled upon this while browsing the internet and couldn’t help myself. This animation is definitely worth checking out, although I seem to be on an animation streak this past few weeks. Hopefully you guys enjoy the rather odd and somewhat heartwarming story of a girl and her…demon. I think we all have that one person we can relate to that just gets under our skin like the protagonist in this short, but hopefully not everyone resorts to demonic rituals and rainbows. Let me know what you guys think!

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We’re not really a gossip type here at Banana Scoop [we like to think we deliver REAL news, lol], but every once in a while, the usually horrible articles at MSN and Yahoo! catch my attention.  While they’re not too incredibly in depth and too often include celebrities I don’t care about [anyone with the name Bieber or Kardashian], I did find this article from MSN neat about how it compiles the heights of some famous celebrities.  I usually dig random celebrity facts and this is no different.  Sure the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ones are obvious, but seeing some others like Mr. Bourdain here was pretty interesting.  Check out the article by clicking the link below.

Tallness in Celebrities

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