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edge of tomorrow tom and emily

Edge of Tomorrow may be one of my favorite surprise good movies I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this year.  Edge of Tomorrow has comedy, action, a thought provoking story, incredible visuals, and a damn charming Tom Cruise.  Based on the novel, All You Need is Kill, the story follows military propaganda specialist Cage (Cruise).  When Cage resists a direct order being of joining the battle, he’s put on the front line where he dies almost instantly.  But something happens to Cage where he wakes up after death only to relive the same battle over and over again.  With the help of the army’s most badass marine, Rita (Emily Blunt), Cage uses this ability to his advantage to turn the tide of the war.  Basically this movie is Groundhog Day with space marines and Tom Cruise.

Minimal spoilers below.

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So Katie Holmes is single again.  She might be a mother, but she’s still as adorable as she was before she wed Tom Cruise.  Over the past years, she’s modeled a couple of times and flaunted her adorable self.  The years have treated her well and she’s come a long way since Dawson’s Creek.  Heavy.com has compiled a large gallery of Katie Holmes’s sexiest pictures.  Click the link below and check out the gallery yourself.  Just be sure to wipe the drool off your face when you’re done.

The Best Katie Holmes Pictures

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We’re not really a gossip type here at Banana Scoop [we like to think we deliver REAL news, lol], but every once in a while, the usually horrible articles at MSN and Yahoo! catch my attention.  While they’re not too incredibly in depth and too often include celebrities I don’t care about [anyone with the name Bieber or Kardashian], I did find this article from MSN neat about how it compiles the heights of some famous celebrities.  I usually dig random celebrity facts and this is no different.  Sure the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ones are obvious, but seeing some others like Mr. Bourdain here was pretty interesting.  Check out the article by clicking the link below.

Tallness in Celebrities

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So apparently we live in a close enough future where point a light at someone will cause them to puke.  Or where jetpacks might actually be considered as forms of travel.  It’s amazing how some movies can predict what the future might hold.  Who knows what young kids will watch in terms of futuristic movies and will later innovate.  One perfect example of a movie is Minority Report.  Every day we’re moving closer to their awesome touch screens and sound guns.   Check out this article about which tools from the movie are actual tools in real life.

Minority Report Predicts the Future [Literally]

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My love for South Park is fairly well known.  And with recent blow up with Tom Cruise, I was reminded how South Park’s absurdities sometimes resonate with the truth, even it it didn’t mean to.  UGO has compiled a list of why South Park continues to be one of the best pop culture satires on air.  Everything ranging from greatness consistency to key awesome characters like Randy and Butters are covered.  Be sure to check the jump below.

South Park is the Best

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Leaved it to cracked.com to come up with another astonishly accurate list regarding the inner mechanisms and natural tendencies the entertainment history makes today.  This time around, they’ve picked 5 actors who just seemingly can’t stray from this kind of role.

5 Actors that Do the Same Thing in Every Movie

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