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I recently just watched Peep World out of an interest in seeing Michael C. Hall outside of serial killer form.  First I’d like to say Hall doesn’t have too much range, because I still got a crazy, serial killer vibe from him as a regular house husband.  But seeing the rest of the cast, Rainn Wilson as a loser brother, Sarah Silverman as the bitchy sister, and what looks like John Ralfio from Parks and Recreation as the young ambitious brother that sold out his dysfunctional family’s dirty secrets for profit in the form of a book, it reminded me of other memorable dysfunctional families I’ve seen in movies and television.  Peep World had an interesting idea, but the Meyerwitz family wasn’t dysfunctional or colorful enough as it could’ve been.  Here’s 6 more dysfunctional families that makes me 10x more thankful for my own.  Spoilers below.


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