Lying Cat from Saga

lying cat leg fix

Saga is currently one of my favorite comic books out there.  Due to a lack of super original wallpapers for it, I decided to take it upon myself to draw one.  I chose Lying Cat because she’s definitely one of my favorite characters from it so far.  But truth be told I like all of them.  Anyways, just wanted to share with you guys something I did so you knew I wasn’t completely gone.

Edit: This was a trace.  I’m not THAT skilled.

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falling dick final

It’s been pretty stressful over here at Georgia Tech.  Chemical Engineering degrees don’t just get themselves.  I’m sorry I’ve broken my promise of videos, comic strips, articles, and pictures every week.  It’s unfortunately too much to handle.  However, I’ll remember to update this blog every once in a while when I make something worth sharing.

Picked up the first two volumes of New 52 Nightwing.  Thought it was pretty neat and drew this quick picture.  Enjoy.

I find out that Emi is apparently the girl I’m ‘stuck’ with.  My reaction is…interesting.

Karot, the Boss Clown

karor 800 final


Even the phoned in drawings are getting better.  I probably did this in about 30 minutes to an hour.  It’s not the most detailed or deep piece, but it shows I can get some decent quality in a short time period.


Sona is a pretty straightforward support.  Still have a lot of fun playing her.

bc page 7 800

BOOM! Headshot.  I am digging the way this page is done and the style.  The past four pages have been a roller coaster of quality.  From fully colored to incredibly bland to over artistic to whatever this is.  Well, whatever THIS is is probably the style I’ll be sticking to for a while.  It’s not too time consuming, I think it looks really good, and it’s actually making progress!  Anyways guys, enjoy the page, looking forward to doing more.

Other Notes:

  • continuity is something I’m not really concerning myself with too much right now.  Yes the house looks different from two panel ago, yes the monster looks different from the cover, and yes Gillian’s hair length is changing from page to page.  I am only a man.
  • Stylistically, I’m getting more ambitious, which is a good thing, as long as I don’t abandon quantity too much.  That being said, ‘weekly’ pages are something I’ll try to keep but not promise.



zaspara take 2 800


A little something I spent a little bit more time and energy on after my stressful week.  I’m experimenting more with the shading and line variation and I think it’s paying off really well, especially in color.  Boy, Zaspara sure has come a long way from this:

Zaspara: http://bananascoop.com/2013/09/22/zaspara/

Banana Scoop returns from a small hiatus after a very stressful week at university.  Black Carnival, art profiles, articles and more are coming!  For now, let’s get to meeting some very ‘special’ [I'm going to hell for this] ladies in this week’s episode of Katawa Shoujo.


cilla final 800


Cilla is a character from my Black Carnival series.

A couple of notes about this piece


  • I’m experimenting with the shading technique I’ve been trying in the most recent page of the Black Carnival page.  I’m not so sure how I feel about it, it certainly does make the piece pop in a different way.
  • Some weird clothes or bodily disproportions aren’t hidden hints about her character, I’m just way to lazy to fix them and it’s getting late.
  • Cilla might be one of my favorite characters.
  • She likes pink.
  • She does not mess around.
  • She’s largely inspired by Mikasa from Attack on Titan
  • What does that yellow slip of paper say?  Lol I’m not into spoilers.  I definitely had to look it up.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s written in Japanese [I think...].
  • Expect the next few pieces to be drawn in a similar way.



A couple of notes with this page

  • I’m experimenting with different shading now and all around a different approach to the admittingly dull page 5.
  • I’m starting to get faster and faster, seeing as how I’ve increased the number of panels while still being able to get this page done in time.  There is still a lot of experiment with, though I think I’m headed in a good direction!
  • I don’t think color is quite achievable yet, although I’m getting faster, I really want to nail basic drawing and repeated poses before I start adventuring into coloring and shading.
  • Let me know what you think!

In this episode we feed and get carried.  My usual bot partner decided to switch it up and he go support while I go carry.  We both played champs we were rusty with and luckily we get carried by the rest of our team.

wonderwoman guns

My first venture into DC comics was through some of the classics: The Killing Joke, The Long Halloween, The Dark Knight Returns, and Knightfall.  Sooner or later, I continued to pick up other Batman titles like Hush, Death in the Family, and Arkham Asylum.  I picked up everything that was considered Batman essential stories and sat proud of my collection of DC titles.  I continued to pick up a few DC imprints like Vertigo comics such as Fables and Y: The Last Man, further cementing my status as a DC fanboy.

What I hadn’t considered in the past was exploring other main DC titles.  For a while I was perfectly content with my collection.  Then I stumbled upon a fan webcomic created by Yale Stewart known as JL8.  This web comic series, based on the Justice League as if they were eight year old children, really compelled me to explore some of the other DC characters.  As a result I purchased The New 52 Justice League, happily reveling in the adult version of JL8.  But as I read Justice League, I slowly became interested in the individual members of the Justice League.  After some research, I’ve found that although Superman is one of the most popular superheroes in the DC universe, his beginning New 52 wasn’t as highly acclaimed as some of his co-League members.  Two heroes that have gotten a lot of acclaim were Wonder Woman and surprisingly Aquaman.  So I picked up whatever current volumes existed for these two super heroes.  I quickly learned that DC isn’t only ‘just Batman’.

The volumes covered in this article include:

  • Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench, written by Geoff Johns & illustrated  by Ivan Reiss
  • Aquaman Vol. 2: The Others, written by Geoff Johns & illustrated by Ivan Reiss
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood, written by Brian Azzarello & illustrated by Cliff Chiang

Minimal Spoilers ahead

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In this episode, I get put in between two girls who absolutely loathe each other.  I’m then faced with a choice which I think dictates who I get to ‘date’ later on.

In this episode we finally get our hands on some melons so we can make health potions.


meiter final 800

Meiter is a satyr.  He’s a character in the Black Carnival series.


Black Carnival Pages 4 & 5


As promised Black Carnival pages 4 & 5.  Page 4 is the cover and page 5 is the next page in the chapter.

Your powers of observation are intact, page 4 is in color and page 5 is in black and white.  As stated before, I considered the idea of going black and white and I’ve decided to go forward with the idea as I continue to getting used to Manga Studio (MS).  MS is a complex program, used by professionals, with many tools that can cut the busy work I had to deal with in Photoshop, but still requires time to learn and effectively use them.  As exhibited from page 5, the quality is certainly not as high as some of my previous pages done in Photoshop, but I’ve learned a number of cool tips and tricks that will show improvement over time.

I’m not entirely abandoning color though, because I think it truly does bring pages to life and I enjoy experimenting with depth and the like.  The covers and future art profiles are being used to explore coloring and shading under Manga Studio.  As soon as I am more comfortable with coloring and full page writing, sketching, and drawing, I’ll move the pages into more color.

I’m going to use this opportunity to work on shading and perspectives while trying to portray the story as well.  Enjoy and feel free to add some input as to the direction I’m heading in.  More is on the way.

black carnival page 5 v2 800

Had a fun time playing Support Morgana with friends.  The 3 second snare is OP.

Things get super awkward in this episode where I get a near heart attack and get posed with some serious questions of how I should approach things at this school!

Also we meet two very interesting people who are missing some very interesting body parts…

attack on titan opener

I don’t normally watch a lot of anime nor do I actively seek it out nor can I tell a good one from a bad one.  But 2013 was the year of referencing Attack on Titan.  Wit Studio, the company responsible for adapting the popular manga series, released the series only to claim a large number of rewards like best series, best musical score, and best theme song.  For all the websites I visit, reddit, kotaku, etc.  Attack on Titan has been at least referenced at least once as an incredible if not at least controversial series.  Especially because I don’t watch too much anime, I normally would’ve brushed this series off due to general disinterest, but all the media coverage and the constant referencing finally coerced me into watching the first couple of episodes.  And by episode 4 or 5, I was hooked, lined, and sunk into an abyss of excitement and sadness.

The Background

The year is 845 where over 100 years ago, a mysterious force called the titans wiped out majority of humanity.  These titans are giants, whose seemingly only purpose is to devour and wipeout mankind.  In response, humanity has created a series of walls, in order to ward off titan attacks and keep humanity safe.  When the walls are breached for the first time in 100 years, ambitious and young Eren Jaeger vows to wipe all the titans off the face of the earth.  With the help of his deadly adoptive sister and brilliant childhood friend, Eren embarks on a journey that can only be viewed as a suicide mission.

Watch Attack on Titan for yourself here on Crunchyroll

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In this episode, we take a look at some beacon functions and take a tour of the new server I’m on!

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