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I’m gonna be MIA for a while while I get work done on this large (maybe the largest) project I’ll ever draw to completion.  At the current state of the Black Carnival comic book, we’ve only seen four members of the Black Carnival Sheriff’s Office.  1) Gillian Akers, our rash, feisty, and impulsive protagonist. 2) Flynt, Gillian’s Guardian Angel. 3) Sheriff Meiter, the fearless Satyr leader of the Sheriff’s office. And 4) Miss Darcy, the hormonal secretary.  Well I’m working on a large profile shot that will feature 10 to-be-featured players at the Black Carnival Sheriff’s office.  I’ve included a work-in-progress screenshot of a corner that features two the of confirmed profiles to be included.  The other 6 characters to be included are influenced heavily on concept art I’ve done in the past and previous incarnations of the Black Carnival story, but will be reimagined as the latest canon concepts in this drawing.   It’s a large project and in balancing it with school, it will be tough to promise when it’ll come out.  I’m working very hard on it and will try to get it out as soon as I can.

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Gillian and Flynt go over the mission on their way to the Howling Siren.  I know Gillian acts kinda bitchy, but I’m more trying to lean her towards a Renegade Fem-Shep from the Mass Effect series.  She’ll have her chance to show more of her true colors and loyalty eventually.  Once I get there.  One panel at a time.

And speaking of panels, oh man, look at that production quality.  Did I actually spend more than five minutes on a background?  It’s quite astounding what happens when you put a little elbow grease in the less important stuff like backgrounds.  You can obviously tell when I worked on certain panels on different days.  Panels 1 and 3 differ in art significantly, though I think I’m really digging the character design of Gillian in panel 3.  I love 4 panel pages because it’s a lot less intimidating to work harder on one panel and still obtain a sense of progress.  I’ll try to maintain this quality when it comes to 6 panel pages, but we’ll see.

Probably a pin up or two before the next Black Carnival.  I’m more on devoting my time to drawing over writing for Banana Scoop these past few days, but I don’t think you guys are complaining and I’m having a blast.  Now about that DC pin up…

I Drew Roger Sterling

roger sterling final

Roger Sterling

Dialogue I had in mind when drawing this:
Roger’s current mistress: “turn out the light honey”
Roger: “what light, there is no light, when has there ever been a light?”

Interestingly enough there are two types of Rogers: 1) hilarious and fun bro-Roger and 2) depressed and messy Roger. I opted to draw the 2nd because that Roger is so fascinating to me.

I did this as a request from a friend. Roger is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite character in my recently finished Mad Men. After drawing my first favorite, Peggy (which this drawing makes look silly in terms of detail and effort lol), I still had a pang for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. And poof this piece I’m really proud of in terms of detail and shading.

bc 4 v2 final

Woo-hoo! Another one in time before school starts.  Let’s meet Flynt: Gillian’s over-protective/over-enthusiastic Guardian Angel.  He’ll try to find every excuse to be by her side to her dismay.  In terms of meta stuff, Gillian went through another series of redesigns.  Rather then postponing the comic to hone in the final design for some of my key characters, I’ll chug through producing actual story content while tweaking designs until I find the one I like best.

In terms of progressing the story, I think the next couple are four panel pages, so hopefully we won’t see as much of a break.  I’m definitely getting faster and faster at these while maintaining decent level of details.  I might get side-tracked with other projects and school though.  You might have seen I’ve been busy doing Avatar profile pics and I have a very awesome Roger Sterling picture in the works.  I just watched Batman: Assault on Arkham and am feeling another DC lady pin-up binge, so watch out for that as well!



In this episode, we find that if you can’t mine diamonds, make them.  We also fight a wither in preparation for some beacon stuff.  Recorded this a while back, but this might be the last episode for a while.  I’ve made a lot more progress since then, but the server is beginning to suffer more than ‘worth dealing with’ amounts of lag.  Hope you guys enjoyed the series so far and maybe we’ll come back to it one day.

WANTED: Mover Star Bolin

bolin wanted

asami soto wanted final

I struggled with letting Asami smile in her mugshot or not, or whether I should try to make her seductive in her mugshot given how much of a bombshell she’s meant to be.  Ultimately, I went with a serious shot because I pictured if Asami did have to get arrested (which is true in her canon mugshot), she would be very upset and serious about it.  Ta-da, serious Asami.  I’m obviously going to finish Bolin and I might do Kai, Tenzin, and maybe Bumi.

black flag beach
All images owned by Ubisoft

I have played four Assassin’s Creed games, Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, III, and Black Flag.  I have only finished two to completion.  From my experience, a lot of the fun in the Assassin’s Creed games lie in the first half as you explore the universe, grind for the best gear, and have fun killing people in a bunch of ways.  The second half normally falls apart as the present day stuff tries to be more relevant.  The present day stuff is the worst.

After being pretty disappointed with Assassin’s Creed III, I decided to give Black Flag a try after finding it on Amazon for a cheap deal.  All I have to say is that my expectations for this next installment in the series were met exactly how I thought they would be, which honestly isn’t that great of a thing.

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mako wanted final

The wanted posters continue with Mako’s wanted poster.  It’s not nearly as detailed as Korra because Mako’s wanted poster was very obscured and difficult to view.  So I took a generic picture of Mako and modified it slightly to match the wanted poster.  I added the gritted teeth because I think it fit Mako’s attitude as well as Korra’s general tone did.  I think I’m trapped with doing the final 2, plus I accepted a request to do a profile of Roger Sterling, so Black Carnival is taking (another) break right now as I do some of this fan art.

WANTED: Avatar Korra

korra wanted

I have a lot to say about Legend of Korra this season, mostly summed up by one word: ACE.  In the most recent episode, there’s reference to a set of wanted posters picturing Neo-Team Avatar.  I absolutely fell in love with Korra’s ‘smugshot’.  I was able to grab a screenshot of Korra’s wanted poster and performed a quick trace-and-color of the drab and sepia-esque picture.  I’m really into it and I have motivation to try to make due with the rest of the out of focus and skewed images of the other 3 (and maybe a bonus one of Kai).

I used a texture pen to kind of give the drawing some…well texture I guess, but let me know if you guys think a regular G-pen will work better.

Incredible Arcade Miss Fortune concept by Nyaruko

In this game, I wanted try out Arcade Miss Fortune in the updated Summoner’s Rift, but ran into a very big problem when I loaded in. Like 90% of Summoner’s Rift was a black hole and I could only see bushes, towers, champs and minions. We gritted our teeth and let the lights and colors of Arcade Miss Fortune light the way.

This may or may not have to do with playing on a Mac client.

Check out the game I played down below.

peggy drawing final

I finished Mad Men guys.  I have an article to write summing up my experiences with it, but for now I’m settling with some fan art of my favorite character in the series, Peggy Olson.  Lots to do in the coming week.  The Mad Men article, Black Carnival #4, packing to move out to my new apartment next week!  Let’s hope I have time.

bc #3 final

I love that first panel.  I went as far as making it my Twitter Profile image for a while I love it so much.  I’m getting the hang of a routine when it comes to drawing these.  In the past, I would sketch all four panels, then proceed to inking all four panels, then proceeding to coloring all four panels, etc.  But now I am doing one whole panel at a time and I like that a lot better.  You legitimately feel the progress and you don’t get burnt out with limited completion.  Depending on my schedule Black Carnival #4 might take a little bit longer to finish because it’s a 6 panel page and I want to work on some pin up art.


In this episode, we finally get power running and can clean up our ugly mess of a base.  Things are finally going my way a little bit and we can start working on some minorly ambitious projects.

snowpiercer evans
All images owned by Moho Films and Opus Picture

Normally the kind of movies I have time for/show interest in aren’t the most critically acclaimed or nor do they have deep resonating messages.  I used to eat that kind of stuff up.  If there was anything Wes Anderson or coming of agey, I would find it and seek to be taken by its independent film tropes.  These days, I go hard after things like X-Men, Godzilla or Edge of Tomorrow.  My taste in movies have definitely changed and I’m less and less inclined to check out movies with smaller releases and aren’t big budget action movies.  Now that’s not saying that I went to go check out thew newest Transformer movie, but I’ve found a really nice place in genre that combines good writing and action.  I’ve been thirsting for a movie that perfectly catches this medium.

Queue Snowpiercer.

 Snowpiercer was a movie that wasn’t wide released, nor did it perform very well at the box office in the US (this is a South Korean movie, despite most of it being in English, which did really well there, but not so well in the US).  However after watching it, I’ve found that it is one of those movies that perfectly blends style, intriguing characters, story, and action.  Snowpiercer might be one of my favorite movies of 2014.

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When I recorded this, I was struggling a lot with Feed the Beast.  I was trying to run purely off solar energy and life was pretty desperate.  In this episode we take the first steps into really taking off in Tech World 2.

BC 2.2 1280

Deputy Gillian Akers meets Sheriff Meiter’s new secretary to discover a dark secret.

Black Carnival Overview Summary:

My name is Gillian Akers You see, 3 years ago most of my family was massacred in an attempt to seize the family’s prized possession, ownership of The Black Carnival.   I was one of the few survivors and the heavens literally sent help from above to keep me safe from those who want to take my right to one day own it.  The Black Carnival is a controlled ‘haven’ for all things dangerous, discarded, and devious.  Ownership provides you access to some of the most powerful and dangerous people and beings around.  But my whole life I never really cared about that, at least until my family paid the price for it.  To help me survive, my Uncle Flynt has trained me as a part of his protection initiative.  I intend to use my newfound skills to return to the Black Carnival to find the people who murdered my family.  My uncle and I now work as a part of the Black Carnival Sheriff’s Office, occasionally taking out the Carnival’s trash and simultaneously investigating those who tried to take everything away from me.  I will work day and night to find them and return the favor.

I’ve got plenty of panels already written, so it’s up to me to get off my lazy butt and draw them.  I’m really excited about the new direction and am very satisfied with the quality.  Satisfied.  Maybe satisfaction isn’t enough…Which means I can probably step up my game ;D.

 In modded Minecraft, the possibilities are endless.  We take a look at the base we’ve made on the BuzzCraft server, a Minecraft server dedicated to Georgia Tech students and alumni.  Naturally, being a tech school, we’ve elected to use a tech-based mod pack.  Follow along as I stumble my way learning the curve.

 kill la kill1
Image owned by Kadokawa Shoten

After reading numerous articles regarding the hype that was Attack on Titan, I decided to break my usual television catch up sessions and watch an anime show despite never really watching anime.  After 20+ grueling episodes, I was absolutely floored with the gorgeous animation, engaging characters, and heart stopping action and story.  I was compelled to write this very positive review and it appeared that I wasn’t alone in my love of the show.

Since then I’ve been thirsty for a new anime show to fill the hole of pure awesomeness Attack on Titan left when I was finished with the show.   I looked through a couple of lists, namely Kotaku regarding some of the best anime of the season/2013 and I followed up on what I thought were some very good picks.  Keep in mind, I’m not normally accustomed to certain levels of ridiculous when it comes to anime shows.  Which meant I tried to stay away from generic ‘fantasy/medieval’ anime with knights in boob armor.  Nor was I fan of generic ‘gundam’/Pacific Rim anime with typecast pilots in giant robots, where intense fighting is about half of the series.  Oh I’m also not into harem anime with a single boy in a school of girls in which the show tries to service the fans at any moment with accidental boob grabs and panty shots.  Maybe I’m not as familiar with anime anymore, but I’m pretty sure I’ve crossed off about 90% of contemporary anime.  Some of the shows I watched fall into this category and hell, even Attack on Titan at some point falls into some of these categories, but I was truly looking for something special and engaging.

My search yielded some good time burners and quality anime watched, but I think still haven’t found anything close to the level of ‘I CAN’T STOP WATCHING’ that Attack on Titan gave me.  There might be one show in this list that will do that job…Here’s a run down of the anime I watched and what I thought.

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zang journey
All images owned by Bingo Movie Development et. al.

It’s been a while, but I talked about several Chinese movies any film lover should see.  Someone who had the honor of holding two films on that list was director and actor Stephen Chow.  Gifted in slapstick, over the top, silly dialogue and action, Chow has cemented himself as a current leader in both quality comedy and a Chinese celebrity.  His most recent movie, released in 2013 in China, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons is the highest grossest Chinese language movie ever.  So I got my hands on the movie and had to see it myself, not really sure how I would feel about it after loving Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer so much.  Here’s a quick summary of the premise.

Xuan Zang (Zhang Wen) is an unorthodox demon hunter.  Instead of pummeling them into submission, he uses a pacifist approach through nursery rhymes to appeal to their inner good.  But when he gets in over his head, the aggressive demon hunter Miss Duan (Qi Shu) is forced to save his life over and over again.  Together they foil each other out as they journey to the west, conquering demons (get it?).  Along the way, slapstick, seduction, and heartbreak occur on the road as they learn more about each other then either of them really wanted.

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