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I’m not much of a James Bond guy [I plan on changing that this winter by watching ALL of the Bond movies…or at least going to try to], but I am fairly excited for this next Bond movie.  Not for Daniel Craig’s Bond, but rather his arch villain this time around.  About a week ago, we were given the first full length trailer to Skyfall and the first real look at Bond’s nemesis, Silva portrayed by Javier Bardem. Bardem, who personified pure evil in No Country for Old Men, is Bond’s villain this time around and he looks monstrous.  The look on his face, his suit color choice, and that hair.  He’s going to be a great villain, I already know and I can’t wait to see him in action.

Also Q makes his first appearance.  See the trailer again below.



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This is a really cool list.  From Cracked, we have this article about several pieces of art [movie, drawing, etc.] that were created by fans that are significantly better than the original.  For example, someone has taken the Star Wars trilogy and and essentially revamped it to match true fan expectations.  They aligned blaster pistols, cauterized proper wounds, removed useless background things added by George Lucas and even seen above, they added a medal for Chewie!!  Check out all the changes and the other 5 interesting entries in the jump below.

Fan Art Better than the Original

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I absolutely love posts that combine the categories, “Movies”, “Television”, and “Video Games”.  Cracked has put together a list of 5 awesome fantasies that should only exist in movies, television, and video games that are actually legitimate parks and programs.  Did you ever want to go to Middle Earth?  How about be a spy?  Check out  the article below to see how you can do these things.

Geek Fantasies that are Actually For Sale Somewhere

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Ain’t gonna lie, ever since Jean Dujardin did The Artist, he’s proven himself a very charming and talented actor.  In this Funny Or Die original, they talk about how European actors doing very famous villain roles after they first make contact with the Hollywood blockbuster and name examples to qualify their statement [Spanish: Javier Bardem, German: Cristolph Waltz, French: Jean Dujardin].  Anywho, the rest of the video shows him casting for upcoming action movies.  I love actors who do Funny or Die because all it really does is make fun of who they are, and actors that don’t take themselves seriously enough to do them make them more likable.  Anywho, check out the video above to laugh and fall in love with Jean all over again.

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