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The tablet is alive!!!  I reset all my preferences and my Bamboo Tablet is back in business.  For the first time in a long time, here’s a Sunday Sketch.  My ‘Batman Universe as Children’ gallery gets another addition with young Victor and Nora Fries play by the pool.  The future Mr. Freeze finds a neat astronaut suit action figure while Nora steals his favorite water gun.

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The internet always blows my mind.  When I stumbled upon this amazing find, I nearly sh!t my pants.  For all of you raised in the 90s, or raised kids in the 90s [I think that’s what my target demographic is], you more than likely stumbled upon both of these shows: Captain Planet and Magic School Bus.  Both shows employed children in supporting roles to a magical and mythical idol, Captain Planet and Ms. Frizzle, respectively.  Little did we know the the time these shows were set in.  But when you look at these two images, it’s clear one was a prequel to the other.  All we need now is the dark back story about how Ms. Frizzle was hell bent on finding 5 elemental rings to summon an all powerful force that had the ability to turn the entire planet green and into a forest, killing millions in the name of Mother Earth.  So she sent her kids to each recover a ring.  When they recovered all 5 and brought them to her, she tried to kill them to harvest the rings.  Threatened by their once insightful leader, kids banded together and ironically ran over her with the Magic School Bus.  Vowing to completely forget the trauma that happened, they burned the Bus afterwards.  Since then, industrial leaders have forever targetted the kids as green terrorists.  This in turn have made the kids use the rings to summon forth Captain Planet himself to defeat the industrial leaders.  Ms. Frizzle’s plan has succeeded.  A very relavent Funny or Die video after the jump.


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