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So we’ve seen what Nintendo intends to bring to the next generation. The WiiU is comprised of a console and a tablet-like controller that allows you far more immersion into the gaming world than we’ve had originally, but that’s always been Nintendo’s survival tool. They strayed away from the normal controller based gameplay in favor of something motion based, giving the player essentially free reign to a degree on what they did in a game. Slashing the air ended up cutting down an enemy in game, and multiple other actions did other things not to mention the variety of mini games made endlessly fun (I.E. Mario Party). My question concerning that is, “what comes next?”. While we can easily look at Nintendo, who have already spoiled their next gen console for the masses and say, “That was obviously the next step in their evolution.”, is it really all that simple? Sure enough we’re all pretty bias considering we already know what they’re bringing to the party, but I can’t say that I would have said that a few months ago when speculation was still the norm. (more…)

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