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So we’ve seen what Nintendo intends to bring to the next generation. The WiiU is comprised of a console and a tablet-like controller that allows you far more immersion into the gaming world than we’ve had originally, but that’s always been Nintendo’s survival tool. They strayed away from the normal controller based gameplay in favor of something motion based, giving the player essentially free reign to a degree on what they did in a game. Slashing the air ended up cutting down an enemy in game, and multiple other actions did other things not to mention the variety of mini games made endlessly fun (I.E. Mario Party). My question concerning that is, “what comes next?”. While we can easily look at Nintendo, who have already spoiled their next gen console for the masses and say, “That was obviously the next step in their evolution.”, is it really all that simple? Sure enough we’re all pretty bias considering we already know what they’re bringing to the party, but I can’t say that I would have said that a few months ago when speculation was still the norm. (more…)


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In today’s article we’ll cover something I found a little interesting. According to the article below, the Wii U, before even launching, is being named the ‘power orphan’ of the next-gen consoles. It’s understandable considering Nintendo’s penchant for not necessarily focusing on top of the line hardware when it comes to console based goals. Will this affect how the Wii U sells considering how well the original Wii sold in comparison its competitors? I’m not quite sure how it will pan out but developments like these never bode well for the console in question. Read more in the article below to check out what else has been said.

Source: The Wii U’s Power Problem

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So folks, Kotaku caught my eye with a rather interesting article that may or may not be true. But with a title like ‘The Last Great Wii Game’, I couldn’t help but have my interest piqued by this piece. It covers the story of a game titled ‘The Last Story’, which, as the title states, may just be the last great Wii game we’ll see before Nintendo decides to retire their family-friendly console for a more edgy, sleek, touch-screen integrated one. Either way, I hope you have a great time reading this article as it really does capture the atmosphere behind a game like this.

Source: The Last Story

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Alright, despite the fact that E3 2012 isn’t really over yet (at least, I don’t think it is), I’m going to go ahead and write this wrap-up article as the main performances and press conferences are already done with. With a star-studded line-up featuring the regulars such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as well as developers EA and Ubisoft, people were expecting an amazing E3. Feel free to read further to see what I thought of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. (more…)

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So, in anticipation of Nintendo’s E3 conference, today’s MBO will focus directly on Nintendo’s brand new console, the Wii-U. As we’ve already seen before, it looks to be a miniature tablet. Now, in recently leaked photos of said controller, there were a few changes that were made, most noticeably in the thumbsticks, and how they’re more pronounced in the current iteration of it as opposed to the older prototypes. More than likely this change was to accommodate the heavy gamer archetype of Nintendo’s consumer fan base. Check out the Kotaku article cited below and be sure to get back to us with your thoughts and comments about it.

Source: The Wii-U Gamepad Changes

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