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Alright, despite the fact that E3 2012 isn’t really over yet (at least, I don’t think it is), I’m going to go ahead and write this wrap-up article as the main performances and press conferences are already done with. With a star-studded line-up featuring the regulars such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as well as developers EA and Ubisoft, people were expecting an amazing E3. Feel free to read further to see what I thought of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. (more…)


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My main article following this one will be much more in depth than what you see right now. This is just a short article to get myself into the writing mood and allow my muse to help me get a grasp on things. Anyway, like the article says this will be a short intro to my thoughts and observations about E3 2012. First and foremost, Microsoft. While they had a spectacular opening half, I felt that they kind of dwindled and went too long on the Nike/Sports section. Additionally I think a bigger bang would have been leaving Halo 4 or Gears of War for the ending as opposed to Black Ops 2. Overall Microsoft didn’t wow me in comparison to…say…Ubisoft, Sony or Nintendo. EA and Ubisoft were on point, but I’ll cover that later on in Thursday’s big review. Sony had some amazing exclusives that I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on, and Nintendo brought the same thing they always do. Unfortunately, Nintendo seemed a little lackluster this year as well, with the only thing to catch my eye being Nintendoland and Majora’s Mask, but who doesn’t LOVE Majora’s Mask? Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I give you guys the detailed review and my thoughts about the major press conferences of E3 2012.

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Alright, so as we’ve seen so far during Microsoft’s E3 conference, they have a heavy hitting lineup that starts off with a very anticipated sequel, Halo 4. From what we’ve seen there’s some Forerunner technology loose, and apparently a USMC ship going down on some foreign planet that just so happens to have the chief on it. Also, there’s a giant metal ball going around killing things. Moving along, we’ve also seen a brand new Splinter Cell game, in which you bring back Sam in an attempt to bring down a world-wide terrorist cell. Additionally, we saw a trailer for a new Gears of War game titled Judgement and a new Forza game, Horizon, which looks sexy as all heck. that’s about all I’ve got for you game junkies today, so I’ll cover more in Wednesday’s article.

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So, in anticipation of Nintendo’s E3 conference, today’s MBO will focus directly on Nintendo’s brand new console, the Wii-U. As we’ve already seen before, it looks to be a miniature tablet. Now, in recently leaked photos of said controller, there were a few changes that were made, most noticeably in the thumbsticks, and how they’re more pronounced in the current iteration of it as opposed to the older prototypes. More than likely this change was to accommodate the heavy gamer archetype of Nintendo’s consumer fan base. Check out the Kotaku article cited below and be sure to get back to us with your thoughts and comments about it.

Source: The Wii-U Gamepad Changes

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Alright, so as you may or may not be aware, Nintendo has recently announced that they will indeed be previewing or at least discussing a Pikmin game for the Wii-U or Wii, we aren’t sure which. Pikmin, a well received game for the gamecube, along with Pikmin 2, it’s successor, are two of the best-selling games on the console with their addictive gameplay and light-hearted adventure storyline. Previously, you controlled Captain Olimar as he crash lands and later explores an alien world filled with what seem to be gigantic pieces of trash scattered about everywhere. Along his journey, he discovers the Pikmin (and their predators) and befriends them, getting them to help him rebuild his rocket and get himself back home. In the sequel, you join Captain Olimar once more, this time joined by his sidekick Louie as they return to the Pikmin world and reunite with their companions. Hopefully the third game of the series will have just as much promise and fun-filled escapades as its predecessors, but only time will tell.

Source: Pikmin 3

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