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As a followup to a post I did a while back, another article has risen concerning the possible banning of the 360 console in the United States. In retaliation to being sued by Microsoft over multiple patents that phone company Motorola should have been paying for, the cellphone provider counter-sued with their own patent complaints, citing multiple patents that Microsoft had breached that are currently in use on their console system. It turns out that back in April, a judge had ruled that Microsoft did indeed infringe upon a few of the patents it was accused of violating. Read more about the case in the source article below and let me know what you think!

Source: IGN Article

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So, if you may or may not heard, David Shaw, judge of the International Trade Commission, has filed a case in which he states that Microsoft infringed upon five patents held by Motorola, and should immediately cease the importation of every single Xbox 360 console into the United States and pay 7% of all unsold console prices directly to the cell phone manufacturer. If the International Trade Commission (ITC for short) agree with Shaw’s statement, then their recommendation will end up in the hands of the President. I’m not sure whether or not this will go through, although I highly doubt it would be as severe as the article stated. On the other hand, if Microsoft is forced to pull the 360 from stores across the nation, I don’t know what else will happen to the console. I’m sure it won’t be pretty.

Source: 360 May be Banned from Sale

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