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It might’ve been a couple of months since Game of Thrones ended.  What a drag those months have been.  That doesn’t mean we’ll stop posting about it though.  This article ranks the hottest women from Game of Thrones Season 1 and 2.  It’s fun to speculate who is number one, but it really shouldn’t surprise you.  Roxanne McKee, pictured above, plays Doreah who got the number 2 slot.  I’m not complaining about that.  Check out the entire ranking system below at Ranker.

Game of Thrones Hottest Women Ranking


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A Dance with Dragons was published in 2011.  That means it’ll be at least 3 years later in2014 before we see Winds of Winter.  Or so he claims.  It’s not like he’s getting any younger either…or thinner.  I usually don’t judge people for their lifestyle choices or general appearances, but when this series is at stake, it’s another thing entirely.  We’ve featured a fan made music video, one about Baratheons sung to the tune of Black and Yellow, but this one isn’t so much a parody, but a fully original song [I’m horribly at music, it could be a parody of something].  The message is simple: George R.R. Martin needs to write quicker for the sake of his fans.  The video itself is humorous, and decently choreographed at some parts with some good ‘ol slapstick.

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As soon as I finished A Dance with Dragons, I didn’t fear entering the once Bane of My Existence, A Wiki of Ice and Fire.  Being a sinkhole of summaries and spoilers, I couldn’t stand the idea of venturing into such dangerous territory.  So as I was clicking through the various pages, I stumbled upon a theories page which came up with interesting articles that included evidence for and against popular theories in the Song of Ice and Fire community.  Some of them were more obvious than others, but a couple certainly took me by surprise and I find myself having hard time NOT believing these are actually true based on the evidence.  MAJOR BOOK SPOILERS below, so enter at own risk.


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