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Tension is running as high as ever as I try to scramble Banana Scoop to the glory it once was.  I may be self obsessed with this idea of my need for validation, but I consider this more than a hobby, so it’s important to me that I continue to release these maintenance notes as a possible solution.  It has come to my attention that many of my followers before the change are no longer receiving my updates in their readers.  This is heart breaking news to me, seeing as I worked very hard to get the 350+ followers I currently have and am unable to give them the news they followed me for in the first place.

So it’s time for drastic action.  Starting this weekend, I’m going to begin visiting each and every one of my followers and leaving a polite message regarding if they wish to continue following me, that they resubscribe by hitting ‘unfollow’ and ‘follow’.  This is a proven methodology and I advise any of those who are reading that haven’t done so already, to please make their mouses way to the follow screen above.

We’re still in transition mode and we’re trying to get things running back 100%.  With Universidaze and my tablet on the fritz, this stressful page load shift, and real life beyond this computer, it’s getting tougher and tougher to hold on.  But you’re all worth it!  So hang tight with us as we wade our way through this thick mud.  I still have lots of events planned for you guys, so thanks for all the support.

-Banana Feed Team

Thanks to Victors Movie Reviews for point this out!

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