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A while back I posted an article regarding ‘Operation Revival’ that had me visiting each of my followers imploring them to resubscribe if they continued to want to seethe blog posts in their readers. But about as quickly as it began, it ended.

WordPress as many of you know shares it’s own vices, some of those being the annoying spam and advertisements as well as botted users. As I began searching through my followers, I quickly found that many of them (especially my earlier ones) are either deleted or barely used.

This was rather conflicting in the idea that a large amount of my followers were like this. So in response I called off the operation. So in terms of returning Banana Scoop to its former glory, I’ve decided to do it the old fashioned way. With dedication and unrelentless posting. We aren’t gettin paid here ladies and gents. It’s only my love for tv and movies that keeps this site going. That and all your support.

Thanks again.


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