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There’s a very specific reason I chose this image of Jennifer Lawrence, read below to find out

About a month ago, I was moaning and groaning about how upgrading this blog from Banana Feed to Banana Scoop reset our indexing and essentially sent us to ground zero.  Well I’m more than glad to inform you that we’re back on top getting a healthy 300 – 400 hits a day and growing.  In my opinion, as vain as it is, I see page hits as a measurement of success, and in my eyes, what we’re accomplishing is absolute success.  I’m sure big name blogs and entertainment sites would scoff their heads, but success is in the eye of the beholder, and I’m going to share with you how I got my ‘success’.

This article will talk about how I get the most viewership out of my blog.  Forget the cheesy page on WordPress that tells you how to get traffic or any of those other posts that talk about that, I’m talking the dirty, under the table stuff people tend to overlook.  We do real talk here.  This isn’t for bloggers who write poems, anecdotes and post quotes hoping to get noticed.  Take that shit to Tumblr.  If you legitimately want a successful blog in terms of viewers, take a look at these points.

Adjust Your Target Audience to Maximize Viewership, Talking About Your Feelings Isn’t Something Everyone Wants to Read

From my perspective, the successful blogs are the ones that entertain the most.  And if you don’t have your target audience in mind and understand the numbers that encompass that audience, then you’re going to be very disappointed.  Take the example I pointed out above regarding those who post quotes about life, write poems and colorful anecdotes about their experiences.  Don’t get me wrong, there are probably some of the greatest soulful writers hidden as a gem from some of these blogs.  But in a sea of absolute crap and garbage, who has the time to read every Philosophical Penny and Deep David out there?  And just how many people a day did you think they’d want to read about the ups and downs of someone else’s life?


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As many of you know, we here at Banana Scoop try to post four times a day five days a week and then four posts total on the two-day weekend.  That’s nearly 24 posts a week.  We usually don’t take holidays and we’re fairly consistent with how many times we post.  But as many of you must realize this takes time.  “But it’s your job,” some might say.  This is NOT my job.  I’m a chemical engineering student at a demanding top engineering school and writing a blog about pop culture is not considered a smart use of time when there are tests, quizzes, and optional homework that needs to be done.  This blog is my hobby.  My temporary escape from a rather creatively stifling school.  But that’s another story for another time.

I once recorded the time it takes to prepare a week’s worth of material for Banana Scoop.  It may take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a week.  That’s a lot of time for something you’re neither paid for nor graded for.  I still manage to have somewhat of a social life, have time for my 30 hour a week job, and of course to do other things I enjoy like reading or blowing off some steam playing video games.

I’m dedicating today’s post to how life works for me and Banana Scoop.  While we do have one other contributor here, my inability to pay him forces me to carry about 85-90%+ of the workload of maintaining the aesthetics and punctual aspect of this blog.  I have a very long system that originates from daydreaming into a castle to cramming minutes before my deadline.  Read below on how I organize my life to run the very gratifying website that is Banana Scoop.


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