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I’ve lived to only have seen one great trilogy. The Lord of the Rings trilogy set the bar high and absolutely astounded me from start to finish. Meaning all three movies lived up to their titles and I wasn’t disappointed by any of it. This past weekend, I’m proud to admit to adding another trilogy to that list. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is quite possibly the only way to end such a great trilogy. There haven’t been many great trilogies in our lives, not any as influential and culturally relevant as this trilogy. In addition to the recent Colorado incident, this will not be a movie I will soon forget.

The follow up to the Dark Knight might’ve cost Christopher Nolan the biggest undertaking ever placed on a director. That movie was simply a masterpiece, large in part to the late Heath Ledger. By merely meeting the audiences expectations, he would’ve accomplished something only so few people can. But of course, Christopher Nolan, who’s directing track record is nearly flawless, delivered and soared as to what can be said as the perfect way to end a trilogy. Minor spoilers below. Nothing back breaking. Or should I say Bat breaking. HA.


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