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Found this via Uproxx and it just might one of the greatest things that could be done with Mr. Gordon Levitt.  Seriously, how often can this guy make that weird face.  What’s the name of that face anyways?  It seems like he makes his face a puggish by imbuing wrinkles in insane places.  Also that right eyebrow is simply magical.  The magnitude that thing can go is absurd.  By the way has everyone seen 50/50?  You guys should.  He’s amazing in it.  And what’s the deal with Looper?  He’s like a young Bruce Willis?  There was an Entertainment Weekly article on it and it looked somewhat interesting.

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Breaking Bad is less than a week away.  I stand by saying that it’s the best television series on air.  The pretense is engulfing, the drama intense, and the characters extremely engrossing.  This video essentially sums up 4 amazing seasons and it’s easy to see Walter White’s dark descent into the criminal underworld.  Attached to the classically amazing Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, I dare this video to not send shivers up your spine.

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