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It’s been more than eight years now since Central Perk served up its last non-fat latte, and since then, the stars of NBC’s mega-hit “Friends” have headed in six very different directions. With Matthew Perry returning to the Peacock Network this week with his new sitcom “Go On,” we’re taking a hard look at each of the six “Friends” stars and cruelly ranking them according to their post-show accomplishments.

The Best Post-Friends Careers

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You don’t need me to explain what this image is. But if it’s too long and didn’t feel like reading, it essentially summarizes how all television shows act. This algorithm applies to both comedies and dramas and maybe even reality shows [eh maybe not, I was tired of Jersey Shore since season 1]. It’s true that most episodes hit their stride in season 3 and 4 because the writers are truly comfortable with their characters. Soon enough they become cash cows to live long enough hit the zombie years. Enough of my garbage, scroll back up and read the image by cracked again. Be sure to visit Cracked.com or Viruscomix.com to support the wit.

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Dance sequences in TV is quite possibly one of the most mysteriously awesome things.  ESPECIALLY if the show isn’t about dancing.  While dancing in Glee is almost a given, Friends, Seinfeld, Scrubs, and other network sitcoms sometimes treat us with the main characters pulling a dancing routine right out of their asses.  Warming Glow has compiled some of the best sites in Youtube videos.  I almost compiled my own, but it would’ve been so similar to this list, it would’ve looked like I completely copied them.  And I’m trying to cut back on the illegal computer blogging rules.  So here’s the direct link instead.  While It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia makes the cut with their dance themed episode, I think the finale dance for season 7 might make the cut.  The video below the link

The Best TV Dances

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