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Warming Glow has picked up on the 25 most watched television shows out there and when I took a look at the list, I nearly cried.  America as a whole is watching really sh!tty television.  American Idol, NCIS, Rob?!  And if you include cable, there are things like WWE, Pawn Stars and Spongebob.  It’s almost upsetting.  I personally don’t watch any of these shows, yet I watch a TON of television.  It doesn’t even make sense with how much television I watch and consider ‘great television’ doesn’t even make this list.

The Top 25 Television Shows Watched are Absolute Garbage

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This week’s 3:00 EST quips will honor the remains of the Oscar hangover.  It know it’s been like 2 weeks, but in case you missed any bit, this will week will bring you the best the internet had to offer of Oscar related things.  Today’s post is probably the most memorable moment of the night.  Sasha Baren Cohen’s Dictator scuffing up the pretty pompous face of Ryan Seacrest is quite the sight to see.

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