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Hey everybody! Here’s a quick videoblog summarizing my continuous journey to catching up on the best DC Comics has to offer!

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A month or so ago, I reviewed Captain America: The First Avenger and labeled it as a decent superhero flick that ultimately broke no new ground in the genre and then proceeded to give it 2/5 Stars.  So after watching Green Lantern, I want to do either one of two things: Raise The Cap’s score or give this one an even more dismal rating.  This is a result of me realizing that I might have realized that Marvel is doing their superhero franchise more credit than I give out because with Green Lantern I witnessed just how bad you could make a superhero movie.  With more green screen then actual green in a movie about green aliens, Green Lantern embarrasses itself with weak writing, a rushed plot, and a hero that just might be trying a little too hard.


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