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In today’s article we’ll cover something I found a little interesting. According to the article below, the Wii U, before even launching, is being named the ‘power orphan’ of the next-gen consoles. It’s understandable considering Nintendo’s penchant for not necessarily focusing on top of the line hardware when it comes to console based goals. Will this affect how the Wii U sells considering how well the original Wii sold in comparison its competitors? I’m not quite sure how it will pan out but developments like these never bode well for the console in question. Read more in the article below to check out what else has been said.

Source: The Wii U’s Power Problem

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Well folks, I won’t say I told you so (because technically I didn’t, but I did tell a couple of my friends it would happen), but I did indeed foresee the obvious. With Diablo 3’s release come and gone, and everyone in hot pursuit of awesome items and sweet, sweet satisfaction via gameplay, it would seem that Blizzard overlooked a couple of things…or a dozen…or a hundred. Point is, Blizzard done goofed. Now to all you purists who believe that your favorite company can do no wrong: fine, believe what you want. Everyone else? Well, listen if you want to. Now, a lot of people were skeptical about a game that should normally feature a single player offline mode to require an ‘always-on’ internet connection, and you’d be right in being so. The article I’ve linked to is one issue out of many that a lot of hardcore Diablo fans are raring about and heated by as of late. Blizzard will undoubtedly fix the issue, but I think we should dissect why there were issues in the first place. Either way, it’s not my place to say what should or shouldn’t be done. I may be studying computer science, but I’m no game developer. Check out the article for some insight into the latest D3 bug.

Source: Error 3003 is the new Error 37

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