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edge of tomorrow tom and emily

Edge of Tomorrow may be one of my favorite surprise good movies I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this year.  Edge of Tomorrow has comedy, action, a thought provoking story, incredible visuals, and a damn charming Tom Cruise.  Based on the novel, All You Need is Kill, the story follows military propaganda specialist Cage (Cruise).  When Cage resists a direct order being of joining the battle, he’s put on the front line where he dies almost instantly.  But something happens to Cage where he wakes up after death only to relive the same battle over and over again.  With the help of the army’s most badass marine, Rita (Emily Blunt), Cage uses this ability to his advantage to turn the tide of the war.  Basically this movie is Groundhog Day with space marines and Tom Cruise.

Minimal spoilers below.

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