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EDIT**: Found the artist, check out Votric’s Deviant Art Page!

This picture of the Parr family in the future is both awesome and adorable.  How about awesomely adorable.  The Incredibles is probably one of my favorite Pixar movies.  Here we have Bob and Helen, aged and still very in love, but what’s even cooler is how their kids have grown.  Violet seems to have adapted her father’s older costume, Dash seems to have added a little Frozone flair, and then Jack-Jack went traditional.  I want an entire back story to this: Their names, arch nemeses, and how their powers have changed.  And more Frozone.  I’d like to see Frozone’s family as well…Pixar, will you please make Incredibles 2 with this as your inspiration?


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I absolutely love these Pixar shorts.  They’re usually released alongside a major Pixar film, and I love going through all of them every once in a while.  They’re so beautifully made and have such quirky stories.  I’ve compiled some of the more recent [and available] ones on Youtube.  I know I’m mixing Luxo Jr., Tin Toy, and Geri’s Game, Night and Day, among others, but the ones I did compile below are still very cool and adorable to watch.  Enjoy!


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Cracked has once again debunked several gaping questions in lovable kids movies.  Yes the Iron Giant was sent to Earth to destroy the planet, but when his iron heart was thawed and Earth was saved, what does that mean for his other Iron Giant friends who were sent to other planets to destroy them?  Will they all come back to Earth and finish the jobs themselves?  In Monster’s Inc.  Boo was gone from her bedroom for an incredibly long time.  Those poor parents who couldn’t find their kid, and when their kid came back and she began blabbering about kittys and Mike Wizowskis, they might have put poor Boo on drugs to calm her hyperactive and likely scarred for life mind….Read more about what Cracked has to say about these movies and more below.

Disturbing Questions From Kids Movies

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Avengers have officially kicked off the big summer movie bonanza.  There’s a lot of great stuff coming out this summer, and a lot of questions to go with it.  Can The Dark Knight Rises truly surprise us?  What’s the surprise bomb of the summer [this one might be already answered: looking at you Battleship]?  Regardless, Hit Flix has compiled some interesting questions such as those and compiled opinions on them.  Click the link below.

15 Big Summer Movies Questions

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It’s difficult how to process this.  This could easily be another fantastic Pixar hit.  Or it could possibly be leaning on the lines of How to Train Your Dragon that was made by Dreamworks Animation a couple of years ago.  It was almost too eerily similar.  Just trade in scrawny figure for girl and it almost looks and sounds like the same movie.  But Pixar usually doesn’t let us down and at least I can say the visuals look great.

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