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Sometimes you can’t help but notice and say, “Hey I’ve seen that guy in at least 3 other movies this year”.  I like to think for most actors that doing one year should be more than enough to pay off that year’s bills and still live in a luxurious sense.  But then I see some actors that do 2 or 3 movies in one year, I think to myself: not only are you loaded, but you must be absolutely exhausted.  How are they able to deliver such powerful performances when they’re doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling characters in one period of time.  Forget Daniel Day-Lewis [who takes years for him to get into character], get these peoples Oscars or some sort of award quickly, because they definitely deserve it for their versatility.  So below is a list of actors who did multiple movies in the same year and were able to deliver awesome performances in them.  Be sure to remind me of the many that I missed in the comments section below!


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Avengers have officially kicked off the big summer movie bonanza.  There’s a lot of great stuff coming out this summer, and a lot of questions to go with it.  Can The Dark Knight Rises truly surprise us?  What’s the surprise bomb of the summer [this one might be already answered: looking at you Battleship]?  Regardless, Hit Flix has compiled some interesting questions such as those and compiled opinions on them.  Click the link below.

15 Big Summer Movies Questions

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