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It’s been more than eight years now since Central Perk served up its last non-fat latte, and since then, the stars of NBC’s mega-hit “Friends” have headed in six very different directions. With Matthew Perry returning to the Peacock Network this week with his new sitcom “Go On,” we’re taking a hard look at each of the six “Friends” stars and cruelly ranking them according to their post-show accomplishments.

The Best Post-Friends Careers

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Cracked has once again debunked several gaping questions in lovable kids movies.  Yes the Iron Giant was sent to Earth to destroy the planet, but when his iron heart was thawed and Earth was saved, what does that mean for his other Iron Giant friends who were sent to other planets to destroy them?  Will they all come back to Earth and finish the jobs themselves?  In Monster’s Inc.  Boo was gone from her bedroom for an incredibly long time.  Those poor parents who couldn’t find their kid, and when their kid came back and she began blabbering about kittys and Mike Wizowskis, they might have put poor Boo on drugs to calm her hyperactive and likely scarred for life mind….Read more about what Cracked has to say about these movies and more below.

Disturbing Questions From Kids Movies

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I’m not exactly in the demographic this movie is aimed at. as I’m still 19 and kinda far from having a boss that I’d like to kill, but that doesn’t make this movie any less relatable.  Horrible Bosses does a good job in finding likable protagonists and villains to entertain those who don’t have bosses they want to kill.  The story itself isn’t too original or great and not all the jokes soar, but the cast is what really shines here.  It’s very clear that the cast has fun filming most of the movie and it shows in their dialogue.  Whether it be Colin Farrell’s suprisingly comedic chops, Jennifer Aniston’s delightful naughtiness, or Charlie Day screaming, Horrible Bosses is a character driven movie that’s likely worth your while.


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