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EDIT**: Found the artist, check out Votric’s Deviant Art Page!

This picture of the Parr family in the future is both awesome and adorable.  How about awesomely adorable.  The Incredibles is probably one of my favorite Pixar movies.  Here we have Bob and Helen, aged and still very in love, but what’s even cooler is how their kids have grown.  Violet seems to have adapted her father’s older costume, Dash seems to have added a little Frozone flair, and then Jack-Jack went traditional.  I want an entire back story to this: Their names, arch nemeses, and how their powers have changed.  And more Frozone.  I’d like to see Frozone’s family as well…Pixar, will you please make Incredibles 2 with this as your inspiration?

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Summed up in a series of pictures, this list from Cracked sums up what gaming in the near to far future will entail for us. From holographic homework decoys to an Xbox seducing your significant other (if it hasn’t already for you ladies out there), this article has it all. An interesting series of images to say the least, with a few recognizable jabs at certain online communities such as the all too familiar XBL rage message, detailing how one incredibly angry player wishes to do unmentionable things to your mother or making fun of you for having no life. Either way, you win. Check out the images from the source below!

Source: 22 Inevitable Features of Future Gaming Systems

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