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Now this is a cool clip.  This is a fan-made [I wish I could credit, but it’s so hard these days, someone please remind me if they know] storyboard of how they would include the Joker in [SPOILERS] ……..the scene where Bane releases the inmates of Blackgate and possibly Arkham Asylum ………….[END SPOILERS].  The article had the following subtitles:

Bane: Who’s in there

Henchman: The Clown

Bane: …Leave him

There was a lot of debate in whether or not if the Clown Prince of Crime were included on what his role was, and I think this could of settled a good reason as to why he wasn’t present if he were to be included.  Your thoughts?

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My Catwoman is finally done.  It took a while, and I see flaws all over it.  But I’m exhausted over this project.  I’ll definitely be keeping things to smaller scale for a while.  Later today, I’m going to post my article about my step by step process of drawing this, so stay tuned!

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Game of the Week. Today we’ll be covering a game I was recently allowed to borrow with a recommendation from a good friend. Batman: Arkham Asylum, first in what may be a series of games, followed by Arkham City, is an amazing step in the right direction for superhero games in general (with Spider Man 2 coming in at a close second place). With all the grit of the original and later series and a lot of interesting mechanics and gameplay nuances, Arkham Asylum makes for an intriguing time killer and fun-filling machine. The plot is interesting, deep, and peppered here and there with a bit of maturity (if not a lot ofmaturity, people DO die). Let’s get into the dissection of this game before we go any further.


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