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We’re at the point where all the networks start hyping up their fall line ups.  Fox was one of the first major ones, showing what shows they were airing and when.  The biggest shows to be receiving hype are the Mindy Project, Glee, The X Factor, Animation Domination Sunday, and New Girl.  Collider has an article listing all of the shows and their corresponding line ups.  The trailers are out, and I’ll eventually watch them and see which ones I’ll bother keeping up with.  I’ll let you know when I get  there.  And they also say something about Kevin Bacon’s new show…So yes, I’ll definitely be watching that.

Fox Releases it’s Television Line Up

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Fall TV is the most exciting thing to happen to me this year.  It was only early this year I discovered the wonders of Television.  I’d hate to say it, but TV just might be getting an edge on film in the heated debate within my head.  We’re not going to get into that right now, maybe on a rainy day and I want to write a 3,000 word essay.  Anyways, back to the excitement of Fall TV.  Everyone is expecting new shows and old shows to return and the marketing team’s best way to attract new and old fanbases is of course the promos.  Below, I’ve compiled a list of videos of instances where the marketing team has succeeded and I will watch the season opening.  Let me know if I missed anything you’re going to watch.


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