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From IGN

Here’s a cool gallery that IGN compiled.  They essentially put Mario mustache’s on famous women in pop culture.  Of course they’re all photoshopped, but it’s still hilarious and adorable.  Everyone from Nicki Manaj to Kim Kardashion to Rachel Bilson.  Even Lady Gaga has an appearance and it’s totally Gaga.

Awesome Celebrity Mustaches

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Spring TV may be over, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop talking about it.  With most television shows, I often fall in love with some of the leads, which lends it itself to about a thick 30-40% of why I’d watch any given television show,  with story and humor/drama being the other 30% or so each.  So today, I kinda compiled some of my favorite crushes from this past season and some of the reasons why I fell so hard for them.

The criteria of why I chose some of the women include the following: 1) Attractiveness – most people in this industry are fairly attractive.  From this category, I’m looking for unique looking people who behold beauty in their own special way. 2) Personality – Most of the people on this list will make me laugh.  It’s truly the gateway into most men’s heart.  And when you have to choose from a list of all beautiful looking women, character personality is a good way to divide the lines. 3) Plot Driving – Whether they’re actually essential to the story or just a pretty face is kinda important to me.  It makes it so much more intimate when the characters you care for actually mean something to story.  4) Fashion Sense – I’m a self confirmed Metrosexual, so I value the way women look and carry themselves.  Their choice in wardrobe is very important to me.

Each girl will be based on a scale of 1-5 for each category.  However, each girl only has 15 points to be spent on the four categories, so I had to choose carefully.  Read below how I rated all my crushes.


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I’m not Superman.  I’m not Captain Amazing.  Hell, I’m not even an artist.  Some drawings take more than 1 week to draw.  Simply because you need to maintain your own sanity and take a break.  So I decided to go ambitious this week and try a more detailed sketch of Catwoman.  Turns out this took a significantly longer amount of time than I anticipated, so about 5.5 hours later, I was only done with the basic sketch.  That leaves out the tedious detailing, the coloring, the shading, the gleaming, and the blending.  There’s a lot left to be done, but I’m fairly proud of my voluptuous version of the cat burglar myself.  Hopefully the finished result will be featured next week.

Visit http://figfire.deviantart.com/ for more of my art.

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Scarjo has clearly made the first step as the sexy lady for this summer’s movie as she played the spandex wearing Black Widow.  But of course there many other movies this summer that feature women in exploitive outfits and explosions.  Kate Beckinsale in Total Recall, Emma Stone in The Amazing Spiderman, and Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises.  Head over to Next Movie to get a list of this summer’s hottest stars.

Sexy Women of This Summer’s Movies

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