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Spring TV may be over, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop talking about it.  With most television shows, I often fall in love with some of the leads, which lends it itself to about a thick 30-40% of why I’d watch any given television show,  with story and humor/drama being the other 30% or so each.  So today, I kinda compiled some of my favorite crushes from this past season and some of the reasons why I fell so hard for them.

The criteria of why I chose some of the women include the following: 1) Attractiveness – most people in this industry are fairly attractive.  From this category, I’m looking for unique looking people who behold beauty in their own special way. 2) Personality – Most of the people on this list will make me laugh.  It’s truly the gateway into most men’s heart.  And when you have to choose from a list of all beautiful looking women, character personality is a good way to divide the lines. 3) Plot Driving – Whether they’re actually essential to the story or just a pretty face is kinda important to me.  It makes it so much more intimate when the characters you care for actually mean something to story.  4) Fashion Sense – I’m a self confirmed Metrosexual, so I value the way women look and carry themselves.  Their choice in wardrobe is very important to me.

Each girl will be based on a scale of 1-5 for each category.  However, each girl only has 15 points to be spent on the four categories, so I had to choose carefully.  Read below how I rated all my crushes.


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