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From IGN

Here’s a cool gallery that IGN compiled.  They essentially put Mario mustache’s on famous women in pop culture.  Of course they’re all photoshopped, but it’s still hilarious and adorable.  Everyone from Nicki Manaj to Kim Kardashion to Rachel Bilson.  Even Lady Gaga has an appearance and it’s totally Gaga.

Awesome Celebrity Mustaches

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Does this make Kevin Bacon any more awesome than he already is?  This video we’ve got here is Kevin Bacon starring in a commercial as a Kevin Bacon fanatic.  This raises more questions than it solves: 1) Where in the hell did all of this Kevin Bacon merchandise come from and where can I get it? 2) How do you pitch something like this to any actor? 3) Why the hell did they choose Kevin Bacon?  Haha, regardless, I think he’s absolutely awesome for doing this.

And I love at the end they squish in the reason they made this advertisement: Logitech.  I almost considered buying something Logitech until Kevin Bacon starting talking again about how if he watched any more Kevin Bacon, he might become him.  *Crosses fingers.

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