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With the new DLC just under a week from launch, I figured I’d take the time to outline the basics of what we’ll be getting come next Tuesday. For those hardcore Mass Effect multiplayer fans out there, there is hope. With the new Earth DLC we should be getting a slew of new content that will cater to everyone. With a new character for each class, a few new maps, and a few new guns, this update will keep the battlefields interesting for a long time to come. I’m personally very excited for the upcoming patch, and hopefully after reading the details of this article, you will be too. The character information as well as their skill lists will be included at the end of the article. (more…)

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When you’re done with the 30 hour emotional roller coaster that is Mass Effect 3, it’s quite addictive to dabble in the multiplayer.  Actually, unknownst to me, you were supposed to play the multiplayer before you got to the finish to maximize your potential outcome.  But regardless, I’m sure most Mass Effect 3 owners are in the stage of finishing up the campaign or at least working on it so they can focus on the multiplayer aspect.  The game itself may be semi-repetitive, but there is certainly an addictive aspect that gives this mode high replay value.  You essentially choose from a series of 5 or 6 races from 6 classes, each differing in their own unique way to team up with 3 others to fight a Horde Mode with sprinkled missions.  Today’s post is dedicated to the favorite classes I’ve been playing as of recent.

BTW, if anyone wants to play, friend request me on PSN: Figfire.  Write Bananascoop in the message box to give me a heads up.


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