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Not sure how to feel about this, folks. News has it that Legendary Pictures has taken the rights to make a Mass Effect movie. While I haven’t seen anything concrete, we all know the curse about video games being turned into movies. I’m hoping they won’t just butcher everything I know and love (Tali, stay safe!). While normally I’d be somewhat more enthusiastic about the concept, I just feel that the need to create a movie based on a game that more or less plays out like a movie is overkill. We get the cinema experience in every rendered cutscene. I guess I could wait before deeming it a total flop though. We’ll have to see how it goes.

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With the new DLC just under a week from launch, I figured I’d take the time to outline the basics of what we’ll be getting come next Tuesday. For those hardcore Mass Effect multiplayer fans out there, there is hope. With the new Earth DLC we should be getting a slew of new content that will cater to everyone. With a new character for each class, a few new maps, and a few new guns, this update will keep the battlefields interesting for a long time to come. I’m personally very excited for the upcoming patch, and hopefully after reading the details of this article, you will be too. The character information as well as their skill lists will be included at the end of the article. (more…)

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Alright, so admittedly I haven’t delved much into the single player campaign, and although I haven’t really gotten into the depth of this amazing series, I can at least give my current opinion on it. Mass Effect is a game similar to others like Dragon Age, in which the choices you make determine the outcome of the game. I can call it similar to Silent Hill in that there are always multiple endings depending on the path you chose during the story (such as Paragon or Renegade, which are essentially good and evil respectively). You play as Commander Shepard on the default, with the ability to change your characters looks and background with a few simple choices (or import your character directly from an ME2 file). Essentially the choices you make determine the outcome of the game and the fate of the universe etc, just like many other games of this genre. Read more to see my in-depth review of Mass Effect 3. (more…)

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