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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Stay safe and don’t break traditions!  Or Sam will get you.

Go watch Trick R Treat if you haven’t! Most underrated Halloween movie ever.

More art at http://fig-tv.com/

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From artist Sam Spratt, we have one of the greatest images ever created in the history of man kind.  Ron Swanson is quite possibly the the embodiment of the All-American Hero.  He is an avid fan of meat, he has a strict code in dress, hair style, and personal effects, he can do practically anything given some wood and a hammer, and can catch fish with his bare hands.  He’s likely also fought a bear and won.  And that damn mustache.  It’s so glorious that it makes me want to shed my own Filipino heritage for some nice full facial hair.

Anywho, back to the artist who has created the most badass rendition of Ron Swanson.  Complete with both Tammy tattoos, a ridiculous but likely very true mustache chest hair, a ton of meat in the background, a Mulligan’s apron, and of course the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.  I would kill for a conversation with Nick Offerman.


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