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Something to Fear.  What Comes After.  March to War.  These are the names of the three latest volumes on the shelf of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic.  The names themselves are fairly cryptic, marking some of what I’ve read to be incredible set ups to The Walking Dead’s most memorable villain since the Governor.  Almost two years ago, I got my first two comic books for Christmas: The Walking Dead Compendium Volumes 1 & 2.  They were both 1000 pages long, and I absolutely crushed through them in a manner of a week.  The Walking Dead holds a close place in my heart as the first comic I’ve read and has recently inspired madness in collecting as many comics and graphic novels as possible.

It was very fitting that two years later on Christmas 2013, I obtained the three recent volumes of the The Walking Dead after the 2nd Compendium ended on.  I finally got around to finishing these three and I got so gleeful that I simply had to write about all the feelings I’m feeling.

  • An incredible new villain
  • More dying of favorite characters
  • Introduction and Reinforcement of Awesome Newer Characters
  • New revelations

So below are summaries and feelings of what I’ve been reading through.

Major Spoilers of The Walking Dead Comic Series to Follow

You’ve been warned.



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The Walking Dead returns this week and it’s a good time to start hyping up for it.  This is a cool picture from Cabm84 that combines two really awesome things: AMC’s the Walking Dead and Plants vs. Zombies.  Being huge fans of both, this picture really captures everything I love about pop culture.  The picture has a couple of little interesting tidbits here and there: using the pea shooters as guns, cherry bombs as a grenade-on-the-belt type thing.  Walnuts in the background guarding the sunflowers in the back.  You can see the Gargantuar in the background and then the multiple types in front of the bus. I hope he does another scene including more plant types, as I can really see how creative you can get with ’em.

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The Walking Dead redeemed itself in its season 2 finale.  And from everything I’m hearing it’s gearing up to be the most exciting plot line next.  Warming Glow has compiled a list of 3 reasons why: the new characters introduced.  We got a glimpse at one of them, the sword wielding figure in the hood, but who are the others?  Click below and find out why the Walking Dead may have its best season yet.

The Walking Dead Will Be Tremendous This Year

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