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Some Plants Vs. Zombies Fan Art

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pvz2 So Popcap/EA released the long awaited for Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time and I’ve been crushing it ever since.  I have already earned 51 of the 116 available stars, which means I have a long way to go still.  One of the drawbacks of the previous game was the fairly monotonous gameplay as you progressed and the lack of challenge besides the ones you gave yourself.  This sequel has certainly ramped up the difficulty and introduced a plethora of new and exciting plants.  I’ve compiled a list below of my favorite plants that I try to use in every game type.


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The Walking Dead returns this week and it’s a good time to start hyping up for it.  This is a cool picture from Cabm84 that combines two really awesome things: AMC’s the Walking Dead and Plants vs. Zombies.  Being huge fans of both, this picture really captures everything I love about pop culture.  The picture has a couple of little interesting tidbits here and there: using the pea shooters as guns, cherry bombs as a grenade-on-the-belt type thing.  Walnuts in the background guarding the sunflowers in the back.  You can see the Gargantuar in the background and then the multiple types in front of the bus. I hope he does another scene including more plant types, as I can really see how creative you can get with ’em.

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