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Banana Scoop returns from a small hiatus after a very stressful week at university.  Black Carnival, art profiles, articles and more are coming!  For now, let’s get to meeting some very ‘special’ [I’m going to hell for this] ladies in this week’s episode of Katawa Shoujo.


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In this episode, I get put in between two girls who absolutely loathe each other.  I’m then faced with a choice which I think dictates who I get to ‘date’ later on.

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Things get super awkward in this episode where I get a near heart attack and get posed with some serious questions of how I should approach things at this school!

Also we meet two very interesting people who are missing some very interesting body parts…

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37. plants-vs-zombie-lane-post-grit

Some Plants Vs. Zombies Fan Art

View higher resolution and more art at:


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