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I just saw this earlier today, and thought I’d share it with our lovely BananaScoop audience. This is a trailer for a movie titled ‘Movie 43’, featuring an awesome lineup of people. While I have reservations about movies that remind me too much of the ‘movie’ series, such as Date Movie, Scary Movie, etc., I just couldn’t help but giggle at some of the brash and somewhat offensive humor they used in the trailer alone. I may not go out to watch this movie when it finally releases, but I think I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on it in the mean time, especially after seeing Gerard Butler transformed into leprechaun.

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If you’re going to satirize the rerelease of an old movie as 3D you might as well make it as absurd as possible.  And that’s what Pistol Shrimps, a Youtube account that heavily satirized the Lord of the Rings which I celebrated here.  They completely make fun of the rerelease as well as the styles of other directors like JJ Abrams and Michael Bay.  The video is well made and fairly hilarious, so be sure to check it out.

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