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The shortage of original ideas in Hollywood is not a new issue. Hollywood blockbusters have long followed standard plotlines proven to generate excitement and revenue. Don’t get me wrong, indie movies and indie theaters will always reside in the warm, enriching, nacho supreme depths of my movie heart. But that does not mean that I am satisfied with the billions of dollars in resources Hollywood is wasting on leftover broccoli casserole lathered in recycled ideas and characters. I fell in love with movies because they have capacity to snap my semi-charmed life in half. Movies take you somewhere you can never go, make you someone you will never be. They touch emotions, remind you how you want to live your life, and give you a fresh perspective. My favorite movies are the ones that stick with you long after the bright sun tries to burn them out the second you walk out of the movie theater. Enough rambling, the following are some of the movies released this year that were either prequels, sequels, or remakes. (more…)

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Some actors can only be remembered by one role in their entire careers.  Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker was great, but is there anything else that he has credit to [besides voicing a very memorable Joker in the Arkham games]?  Flavorwire has compiled 8 well known actors and the roles that will follow them for the rest of their [and our] lives.

One Hit Wonder Actors

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What is essentially fan fiction, Cracked has come up with a list of 4 movies with potential to be really good sequels to past movies.  Some are more obvious than others, but the Iron Giant one takes the cake to be my favorite because of it’s general originality.  I’ve read somewhere about the Kill Bill sequel and how it would focus on Vernita Green’s kid getting revenge on Kiddo herself and that’s just as joyous.  I’ll keep the next two a secret so you have to visit the link below!

4 Sequels Hollywood Owes Us

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Hit Fix has compiled a very interesting list about 21 actors and directors who of which they claim have his their peaks and are a downward spiral to the Hollywood Industry blackhole.  Some of them are very much out the of the industry these days: Eddie Murphy, Lindsay Lohan, etc., but there are a few who are at least pumping out a few decent things here and there and I have faith in: Farrelly Brothers, Keanu Reeves, Uma Thurman etc.  Let me know who’s worth saving in the comments.

Can These Hollywood Careers Be Saved?

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