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Hit Fix has compiled a very interesting list about 21 actors and directors who of which they claim have his their peaks and are a downward spiral to the Hollywood Industry blackhole.  Some of them are very much out the of the industry these days: Eddie Murphy, Lindsay Lohan, etc., but there are a few who are at least pumping out a few decent things here and there and I have faith in: Farrelly Brothers, Keanu Reeves, Uma Thurman etc.  Let me know who’s worth saving in the comments.

Can These Hollywood Careers Be Saved?

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Introducing a new segment of Banana Feed I call ‘Quips’.  They’ll normally include a photo or video with a short summary and such.  This’ll allow me to post more than once a day without blowing all my articles in one day.  Hope you enjoy them!

As for the photo.  This is just simply one of the craziest assortment of ladies around a very suave Clive Owen.  British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, American Actress Uma Thurman, Malaysian born Asian superstar Michelle Yeoh, and award winning British actress Tilda Swinton?  How does one man entertain all those woman from clearly different backgrounds?  Just how good is he?  Wishing he could teach me a lesson or two.

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