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The shortage of original ideas in Hollywood is not a new issue. Hollywood blockbusters have long followed standard plotlines proven to generate excitement and revenue. Don’t get me wrong, indie movies and indie theaters will always reside in the warm, enriching, nacho supreme depths of my movie heart. But that does not mean that I am satisfied with the billions of dollars in resources Hollywood is wasting on leftover broccoli casserole lathered in recycled ideas and characters. I fell in love with movies because they have capacity to snap my semi-charmed life in half. Movies take you somewhere you can never go, make you someone you will never be. They touch emotions, remind you how you want to live your life, and give you a fresh perspective. My favorite movies are the ones that stick with you long after the bright sun tries to burn them out the second you walk out of the movie theater. Enough rambling, the following are some of the movies released this year that were either prequels, sequels, or remakes. (more…)

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What is essentially fan fiction, Cracked has come up with a list of 4 movies with potential to be really good sequels to past movies.  Some are more obvious than others, but the Iron Giant one takes the cake to be my favorite because of it’s general originality.  I’ve read somewhere about the Kill Bill sequel and how it would focus on Vernita Green’s kid getting revenge on Kiddo herself and that’s just as joyous.  I’ll keep the next two a secret so you have to visit the link below!

4 Sequels Hollywood Owes Us

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Crack showers my morning links again with an oldie that takes on sequels that were imagined and eventually rejected.  Among them a sequel to Se7en called Ei8ht, a second Forrest Gump, and another Beetlejuice [which I think is actually still in the cards].  They talk about the potential sequel and also point out how wrong it would’ve been to do with each one.  Some of the stories simply don’t make sense, others are way over the top versions, and some even try to bring back characters that are clearly lightyears away or not even from the same world.  Well, as usual, Cracked writers have a whole mess of facts and sources that back their statements, and I highly recommend you check it out yourself.

6 Sequels that Would’ve Been a Disaster

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Hit Fix has compiled a list of 25 movies that should have sequels than some movies that definitely don’t deserve them.  Personally, I would’ve added Mystery Men to the list, because that’s one of my favorite movies.  See the list below.

The 25 Sequels Hollywood Owes Us

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WordPress isn’t very kind to embedding videos that aren’t Youtube, so when Youtube/Google doesn’t have it in their format, I’m kinda screwed.  So I’ve given you the link to a video the guys at College Humor made that makes fun of the redundancy of the mass amount of sequels we have today.  Enjoy!


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