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Deadpool very well might be the internet’s favorite superhero.  The self-aware hero not only sports rapid regeneration and super human strength, he has a killer sense of humor and a rather large mouth to relay it.  I found this awesome collection of .gifs from a cosplayer who was Deadpool at the most recent Comic-con.  The results are hilarious as he encounters a number of people from both his universe and others.  Whether it ‘s refusing to be caught in a Pokeball, digging up a Diglet, encountering another Deadpool, or even whipping his hair back and forth, these Deadpool .gifs truly capture he essence and hilarity of Deadpool.  Enjoy the large gallery below.


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Comic Con was a week or two ago, and a lot of awesome stuff was revealed and announced.  Amongst them was the casting announcement of several new characters to be featured in Game of Thrones Season 3 aka Storm of Swords.  I absolutely love seeing some of these characters come alive to see if they fit the version I created in my head.  Especially versus the how I originally was able to see them in season 1 before reading the books.  Seeing the dude from Narnia be Jojen is a pretty good nail on the head, as well as Bryndon Tully.  I was especially impressed with Melisandre and Davos Seaworthy casting, and I’m sure once the make up and costumes are on, I won’t be able to tell the difference at all.  It’s all very exciting.  As for an update with Dance with Dragons, I’m nearing the last 100 pages, a review is scheduled for next week!

Can’t believe we have to wait an entire year for season 3!!!

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