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Deadpool very well might be the internet’s favorite superhero.  The self-aware hero not only sports rapid regeneration and super human strength, he has a killer sense of humor and a rather large mouth to relay it.  I found this awesome collection of .gifs from a cosplayer who was Deadpool at the most recent Comic-con.  The results are hilarious as he encounters a number of people from both his universe and others.  Whether it ‘s refusing to be caught in a Pokeball, digging up a Diglet, encountering another Deadpool, or even whipping his hair back and forth, these Deadpool .gifs truly capture he essence and hilarity of Deadpool.  Enjoy the large gallery below.



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Hitfix came up with this awesome list about 20 movies we’ve been waiting on.  Whether they be sequels of old movies or ones that the director has been always interested in making, it’s all here.  Some of them are even planned and in production as you read this!  I’m already excited for the Arrested Development movie!  Apparently the first episode title of Arrested Development has been leaked.  It’s nothing spectacular being titled: Arrested Development: Michael, but it proves it’s in production!  I can’t get excited enough for such a thing.  Check out this movie and the rest of the stuff below by clicking the link.

20 Movies We’re Still Waiting For


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Cracked has come up with another list of awesome points.  This time around, it’s common comic cliches that occur on all comic covers.  It has something to do with how the artists like portraying heroes.  And apparently there’s a rule book for thing like, holding someone dead in your arms and screaming at the sky, or trying to fit in as many guns as possible.  Or it’s pure coincidence that most comic books do this.  It’s very much like the 3 Point Landing  I posted about earlier.

Comic Cliches

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