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College Humor enlisted Dan Markowitz from Defectivity.com to draw a neat schematic as to why you’d be bleeding according to movie cliche’s.  While none are overly insightful, you gotta appreciate the art and semi-witty statements that accompany it.  Above is the first half, in support of College Humor, I’ll link you to the second half.

9 Reasons to Bleed According to Movies


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This is immensely cool map for anyone living in the United States.  This is very similar to Google maps where you can type in your address and see the stores and stuff around your area.  The best part of this map is the fact that it’s catered to surviving a zombie apocalypse.  The stores you’ll see are your malls, gun shops, police stations, etc.  It’s very creative and awesome map.  Be sure to check your chances if/when the zombie apocalypse comes.



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The Black Circus Series is a fictional carnival imagined by me that hosts a number of exiles, freaks, and undesirables. Old Ben, the manager of this traveling circus is responsible for providing a home to this varied collection of individuals. When Old Ben dies in a mysterious accident, his estranged grandson, Benjamin Jr., is brought in to settle his affairs. There he meets the colorful group of people that accompanied Old Ben in his final hours while he tries to solve the mystery of the one who is responsible for his grandfather’s death.

Olistair the Necromancer

Viktor Montagu

Olistair the Necromancer, Master of the Dead Olistair, The Wisp


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