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I stumbled upon this pretty amazing rendition of the familiar robots we know and love from Pixar’s Wall-E. Here they are sporting much more mature looks complete with megaman-like arm cannons and a gatling gun mounted over Wall-E’s shoulder. I should point out here that they remind me more of Aperture test robots than they do anything from the movie, but I’m actually pretty okay with that. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the picture, and if you want to see more, check out the artist’s deviantart below in the source!.

Source: SgtHK’s Deviantart Gallery

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Wall-E and Eve have a Robotic Baby


Dawwwwwww, film’s cutest robot couple went and had themselves a baby.  The adorable combination of both rusted and futuristic made for lovable looking baby.  And look he even has a name, E-ric, or probably ‘Eric’.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem as though Eric will be able to fly, but maybe he’ll learn from his father and make use of the fire extinguisher in space.  I love an idea like this.  The image said it was designed by Artua, but I tried to navigate their site and couldn’t come up with the exact location.  But they do their own fair share of cool stuff.  Be sure to check it out.

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It’s hard not loving Pixar movies.  You’d have to be soulless to not absolutely fall in love with the creative and intriguing characters Pixar comes up with.  Moviefone has done the ambitious ranking of nearly all the Pixar characters throughout the years.  With nearly 118 contestants, it was a neat gallery going through and remembering all the crazy characters and the awesome voices that portrayed them.  I’ve included the link starting from number 1, because in all honesty, who wants to scroll through 118 pictures.  Guess who got the number one spot before you hit the link!

The Best Pixar Characters

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In another life or dimension, I would’ve been an animator.  I love to draw and craft stories, and doing little quirky and clever things like this would bring me great pleasure in life.  However, the engineer’s life called out to me so I’m instead spending my life studying and solving the world’s problems.  But enough about me, let’s get back to his neat animation.  It’s fairly long, so if you’re in the middle of it, give it moment to reset and watch the thing in full.  It pretty much plays on the cleverness of Tetris and the surprise ending definitely won’t be something you expected.

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Charming/adorable, they’re all pretty much the same word and they sum up the outlook of every character on this list.  By using the word ‘infectiously charming’ I mean that they’re actions/philosophy in life can only bring smiles on our faces, regardless of how naive or misguided they may be.  On this list, you’ll find 5 characters who represent the pinnacle of adorableness.


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