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It’s not an immediate surprise that the Simpsons paves the way for a lot of great pop culture moments.  I stumbled upon this obscure Simpsons clip where Homer stumbles upon the grave of Walt Whitman and begins to start kicking and yelling at it.  Now I’ve barely seen a complete episode of the Simpsons, so I have no idea what the context of this clip is.  But what I did make a connection with is the top rated Youtube comments.  Surprisingly this is a Breaking Bad related clip, so hit the more button to explain/discuss the hilarity of this clip with many Breaking Bad SPOILERS.


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Here’s your ’90s cartoon dreams crushed’ image of the day.  Taken as one of the popular rage comics memes, the collective internet has essentially put the idea that Marge Simpson and Carl Carlson have essentially done the dirty deed and out popped Gerald Johanssen.  It isn’t clear how he ended up a Johanssen or in a seemingly New York suburb so far from Springfield, but I’m sure the fan fiction is along the lines of: Marge and Carl met up and had an illegitimate child and then selling it for money, or something like that.  Regardless, the image is almost too uncanny…That hair is simply far too distinct to ignore where it genetically and rightfully comes from.

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We love everything Game of Thrones related here on Bananafeed, so anytime another source of pop culture clashes with Game of Thrones, of course it will be posted.  Here we have another original rendition of the Simpsons opening that follows [but not too closely to avoid copyright clearly] the HBO series opening.

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