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We posted about how Psy has affected pop culture before with Han Solo.  This is an equally awesome mash up that combines Gangnam Style with Stanley Kubrik’s The Shining.  I personally like this one even more just solely based from Shelley Duvall’s reaction whilst holding a knife.  Anyone else think this Gungnam fad will fade out eventually?


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Stanley Kubrick is known for his long and creepy moments in his movies. Jack Nicholson delivers the ultimate creepy/crazy in The Shining. The invention of the internet hasn’t really helped. This GIF recognizes a very awesome scene where his character Jack is having a drink with an imaginary bartender. The clip is almost hypnotizing in a manner of which the drink swirls in a trancing fashion…Nothing else moving…alone…crazy.

Time to go watch this movie again whilst simultaneously hugging a pillow over my face.

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This is a really cool mashup of a very serious movie and one of the kiddiest movies out there.  The Toy Shining combines Pixar’s Toy Story and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.  Artist Kyle Lambert came up with this visionary combination.  I’ve picked some of my favorites here.  Go visit the rest at Huffington Post.


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