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rockabilly jinx 1280

It’s been a long time since I drew something and shared it here.  I decided to draw some fan art of my favorite ADC from League of Legends as of light.  She’s got a new skin (Firecracker!) coming out and I’ve decided that she should really get a Rockabilly skin.  Punk hair, tattoos, and revealing clothing.

For her three guns, Rockabilly Jinx is sporting minigun guitar, an RPGC rocket propelling guitar case, and a microphone zapper. Enjoy!


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Got a chance to play on the Public Beta Environment for League of Legends to test out the new Summoner’s Rift.  I chose to be a yet to be released Hazmat Heimerdinger skin in anticipation!  I cut together some of the game highlights and you can view them above.

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Cracked took apart 5 movies where characters had tattoos and found them contradictory to the stories.  They took the movie producer’s attempts to be badass/meaningful/colorful and completely sat them on their asses.  Sounds like class Cracked to me.  I’ve always been wary of tattoos, as when they’re cool when you’re young, they can sag and become nasty as you get older.  And I always thought it even worse when people had tattoos of Chinese symbols when the only time they’ve ever read Chinese was when they were Googling the translation for their tattoo.

Movie Tattoos Debunked

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