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Steam has been banning fake games from its service, but it’s also knocked back a legitimate — if rather risque — project. Seduce Me is an erotic strategy game “inspired by the lives of American socialites and celebrities.” Ironically, the developer blames that very same American culture for the ban…

Valve has every right to ban what it wants, and does warn that it reserves the right to block “offensive” material. Even so, this situation highlights the fucked up double standards we have, where scenes of violence and murder are deemed more acceptable — more normal — than images of two consenting adults doing what almost all consenting adults will do at some point in their lives.

Article from Destructoid brings up some really interesting points,


Check it out here

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Superstar artist Andrea Tamme drew some amazing concept looking Portal art featuring a sensual moment between Chell and Glados.  It’s a neat photo, having it set in debris which I can only imagine is Aperture Science.  I wonder what they’re talking about.  I’m assuming this is pleasant conversation, so the subjects of lying cake, obesity, and loveless parents aren’t on the table.  Maybe they’re talking about that time when Chell turned Glados into a potato.  Surely Glados has a sense of humor…well maybe not when she’s the victim.

Regardless, check out this photo and many other photos at Andrea Tamme’s deviant art page!

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